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Online Learning

Capella Is Everywhere You Are

Capella is designed for busy, working professionals like you. We know you don't have time to drive to school, find a place to park and sit through a 3-hour lecture on a specific week night. At Capella, class is anywhere, anytime.

Asynchronous: Go to Class on Your Own Schedule

No 8 a.m. classes here (unless that is what you prefer). Design your course schedule around your life. Throughout each week of your 5-, 10- or 12- week course, you will participate in lively discussions with your instructor and classmates as well as complete assignments.

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Experience Learning at Capella

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Courseroom Expectations

Each course is unique, but most will include weekly writing assignments and research papers. Many courses include videos and interactive learning modules in addition to your textbooks and other reading materials. Assessments are based on your work alone, but on occasion you will collaborate on class projects with other professionals in your field.

Learn more about whether asynchronous learning is right for you.

Hands-On Learning

Many of our master's and doctoral programs require in-person skill development through residencies or internships. For more information, refer to your degree program and see if this requirement applies to you. Employers frequently tell us that they appreciate the additional hands-on training our students receive at Capella — a major competitive advantage in the job market.

FlexPath Self-Paced Learning

Capella also offers a self-paced learning option for select programs called FlexPath. FlexPath allows you to complete your degree on your own schedule, at your own pace. You can move faster through more familiar coursework or slower as you grasp new concepts and skills — without the constraints of preset due dates. Students looking for greater freedom, more control and substantive faculty feedback are often drawn to this more personalized learning approach.

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Your Online Learning Tools

You will be learning online, but you will still have the traditional academic resources you would expect at any university. You will use our library, rich media modules, syllabus and online textbooks, and for some degrees you will attend writing retreats, residential colloquia and internships.

We Are Committed to Your Learning Experience

To improve your experience in the course room and online campus, our dedicated usability and user experience professionals strive to create the best online learning experience possible. On a continuous basis, we talk to current students about the online learning experience and look for ways to make it even better.

Learn More About Online Learning at Capella

Whether you have taken classes online before or not, we invite you to experience our online course room experience first-hand — see what it is all about and how it differs from other online universities.

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Sit back and watch a course room tour video, or lean in and interact with Capella's course room for a deeper dive.

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Test your time management skills and self-awareness of your work, life, and school balance.

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